The Joy of Dancing

Do you want to dance tonight? DanceVista gives you several places to dance every night of the week. The dance world has much to offer. But how to get started? We are building a one-stop shop with all the resources you need. Right now we have places to dance. We will be adding studios, accessories, instructors, deejays, bands, and many other items.

Our Mission is to make Columbus Ohio the dance mecca of the United States. To promote, cultivate and inspire everyone in the dance community and beyond. To bring awareness of the value of dancesport. To build warm relationships and be a reliable resource of information for all dancers.

We envision a continued thriving dance community with great dance venues and dancers having easy access to all the resources they need.

 DanceVista is created by dancers for dancers, born out of passion and dreams, dedicated to creating a beneficial environment for your dancing life. Enjoy the fun!